Tuesday Treats: Do you want to make a pretty wrist pin cushion?

I was wondering what to share with you this week when I found a link to a tutorial for a pretty wrist pincushion.

A pretty wrist pincushion, designed by Michael Ann. Scroll down the page to find the link the tutorial on her blog.

As I looked at Michael Ann’s pin cushion, and then at the tatty one that I am using, I realised that it was time to retire my poor, hard-working wrist pin cushion.

My raggedy old wrist pin cushion was made with four small half-square triangle blocks

Since it was made four years (or more) ago,  my pin cushion has had a hard life, working with me, as I’ve loaded quilts on & off a longarm machine.

  • it has been worn nearly every day,
  • has been stuck with 2″ safety pins rather than neat little dressmaking pins
  • has saved my hand & wrist from injury many times when I’ve overloaded it with pins

As my Mother would say, it certainly doesn’t owe me anything and, as soon as I saw that pretty pin cushion on the Michael Ann Made blog, I knew that it was time to let it go.

I like Michael Ann’s idea of elastic to hold cushion in place. I had used velcro on mine and it was okay but I think elastic will be better.

She has used a piece of cardboard as the base of her pin cushion, however, I use much thicker, heavy-duty pins, so  I think that I will use a plastic base again, just to be sure that the pins do not stick straight through the cushion into my wrist.

Last time I cut a square from some templastic but I rather fancy a round pin cushion this time, and found just the right size piece of plastic sitting in the kitchen (left over from lunch).

I will also use wool batting off cuts to stuff the cushion as I found that the batting held its shape, and stood up to the use well, in the old cushion.

Choose flexible plastic for the base of a wrist pin cushion.

I’ve even found some fabric that will be perfect. I love the bright, modern print in this square from the “Simply Colour” Moda charm pack.

This is one of the 5″ squares from the Simply Colour Moda charm pack

Now all I have to do is, chop up some wool batting to make the filling for the pin cushion, and  go back to read Michael Ann’s Wrist Pincushion tutorial to see how she made that pretty frill.

Until next Tuesday,  I hope you have fun making your own pretty pin cushions!

2 Responses

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