Blog cleaning is much more fun than house cleaning

I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t updated the events page for so long that, if it was a physical object it would have been covered in dust and spider webs.

Clever spider, work is all done so now it can avoid detection by hiding inside the leaf

However, having seen notices for the following  “one woman shows”, by  textile artists whose work  I enjoy,  I really had an incentive to open the windows, blow out the dust and start the page a fresh.

The first, for people in and around Melbourne, is by Dijanne Cervaal who wrote:

You are invited to attend my Sentinelle Exhibition at the Caroline Springs gallery space in the Civic Centre/Library from 3 July to 13 August 2012

Dijanne’s “Sentinelle” quilts have to be seen in person, the detail is stunning.

Visit Dijanne’s blog to see more of her work

The second exhibition is for those of you in Queensland.  Sue Dennis’s exhibition is being held in Warick and she has the following information on her website :

Taking Leaf of My Senses Solo Exhibition: Warwick Art Gallery 5 July – 19 August 2012

Whether Sue is in the Australian bush, travelling overseas or at home trying to tame her garden, she is observing the shape, colour and variety of foliage present. A humble leaf is transformed via paint, fabric and stitch into a unique snapshot of place and time. Work from 2006 to 2012, and both Australia and North America are represented in her exhibition.

5 July-19 August 2012
Warwick Art Gallery
49 Albion St, Warwick QLD
Phone 07 4661 0434
Tuesday- Friday 10am- 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am- 1pm

View Sue’s short video about making “Taking A Leaf ”  by clicking on the image below or visit Sue’s Blog to see her post about the opening night.

Now go to our events page to see the full, updated, list of exhibitions and events.

If you wish to have your textile exhibition, or event, listed simply leave us a comment below, with the details, so that we can added it to the page

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting about my exhibition Jenny.

  2. Who needs to clean when the spider does such a lovely job of decorating?

    Judy B

    • I captured the photo of this spider, and his family, building the most stunning webs in the Little River National Park (in Victoria) during the flooding rains in February this year.

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