Oh to Be Quilting Now That June is Here

When I began this Free Motion Machine Quilting Challenge the year was new, and I had that wonderful, resolute attitude that comes with every new year.

I am now six months down the road.

  I have noticed how my attention is so easily distracted with all the pretty new thread collections, new fat quarters of fabric in the shop and even other people’s pretty projects.


I am now in the waning weeks of June and I remembered my Heart quilt and my PLEDGE! The ‘Quit Smoking’ commercials on TV reminded me of the challenge of staying focused. I don’t smoke and I am not about to give up quilting! BUT, I do need to break my habit of starting projects and then setting them aside in my UFO closet whenever anything new comes along.

So here is my latest free motion machine quilting effort with guidance and inspiration from Cindy Needham.

 She is very informative and her quilting is exceptional. One portion of her lesson is entitled Divide and Conquer. Here is an example of Cindy’s work showing very nicely how an area is divided into large sections by meandering with your needle. These spaces are then filled with straight lines, “S” shapes, “rock” shapes and feathers.

I outlined my heart with free motion quilting again. This was a recommendation from Leah Day last month.

June’s Heart with help from Cindy Needham

A view from the back….

I think the back of my block shows some improvement!

I am using Aurifil 50wt on the top and I am using Aurifil 28wt in the bobbin. I can concentrate on all the other instructions suggested by the tutors because I NEVER have to worry about my thread misbehaving.

I really enjoyed this month’s results. I have renewed resolution and I may even open my closet (read room) of UFOs today…if I dig deep enough, I might find I already have a ‘new’ project….giggle giggle.


3 Responses

  1. So fun to see your FMQ on the heart. Beautiful. What a special touch. Glad you enjoyed Cindy’s tutorial. You did a great job.


  2. Beautiful work! I’m new to your blog and now subscribed-enjoyed reading it. Hope you find a lost UFO to FMQ on!

    • Welcome to our Blog, Jenny. As I gain confidence with my FMQ I will certainly finish some UFO’s! Thanks for the encouragement.

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