Thread Charts are Stars

Last evening I received a surprise photo, and email message, from a long term customer. It was such a lovely message, and it was obvious that Juliet was  so excited that I asked for her permission to share her thoughts here.

Firstly look at the beautiful quilt that she has just finished. She said: 

 I only started making it about 6 weeks ago and it is totally from short cuts of fabrics – which is why the background changes so much – almost all of which I found in my stash cupboard.”

Juliet’s “Star” quilt was stitched entirely with Aurifil threads

I always think it is so satisfying to finish a project, and to have made it from “found” fabric is very clever, but the message that really tickled me was when Juliet said:

“Hi Jenny,

I’ve been purchasing Cotton Mako from you for at least 8 or 9 years (I can find receipts in my file dating back that far), but today is the very first time, in all that time, that I have finished a quilt which is completely sewn (pieced and quilted) using my Aurifil thread.  In all that time, some (commonly available thread) has always snuck in somewhere.

 Since I recently bought from you my handy dandy Cotton Mako colour chart, I’m thinking that that has made it easier for me to order the right shade of colour from you, and so I don’t need to go to the local Spotlight and purchase the nasty alternatives.  Gosh darn it, if I’d known how easy it would be, I’d have bought one years ago! :o)

Anyway, here it is – my very first TOTALLY Aurifil quilt “

The colour chart that Juliet is talking about is the  thread wrapped Cotton Mako’ chart, shown below, but we also have thread wrapped charts for the Lana, Brillo & Aurilux threads.

The Aurifil Cotton Mako’ thread wrapped colour chart, showing just 108 of the 252 colours on the chart.

Having lived in country locations in the past, where it could be a 200 kilometre, or more, drive to the nearest shop selling textile products, I know the value of having a good stock of supplies on hand. 

Internet shopping has certainly simplified the distance shopping problem and, as Juliet said, a thread wrapped colour chart is the perfect tool to make choosing thread colours online easy.

A colour chart is also a great help if you are working through the old threads in your cupboard, replacing those other brands with Aurifil.   

I really enjoy the conversations, and correspondence, that I have with customers.

Sometimes, when life events slow down their stitching, I may not hear from someone for a year or more but they always come back to us when they return to their patchwork, quilting and embroidery.  So, at Always Quilting we have many long term customers from around Australia and New Zealand, that we have never met in person, making a message like this was very special. 

If you have a similar story of a project completely stitched with Aurifil threads please write to us, we love to hear your stories and see your work.

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  4. Juliet!!! Your Star quilt just glows!!! I love the changing ‘sky’ behind your stars. I am inspired to go ‘find’ some fabric as well. Thanks for sharing.

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