Potted Lana and a reminder to wash!!

I have always enjoyed working with wool felt and making cushions is usually a quick project. I found the most beautiful wool project pattern in a book called “Summer Gatherings” by Lisa Bonegan from Primitive Gatherings and decided to make a new cushion.

The background fabric looked ideal – part wool and part viscose and in the dark black colour I wanted.  Excitedly I cut out the tiny flowers (80 plus of them) and the rest of the pattern pieces, but when I started to buttonhole the felted wool to the background, I found my fingers changing colour – to a deep black/blue!!  Realising that the fabric may also cause the colour to ‘migrate’ to my chairs or garments, I reluctantly decided I needed to wash the background fabric to get some of the dye out.  And the dye did come out!! I washed and washed and rinsed and rinsed!!

The first pot of blooms was well felted and the little flowers started to curl up – something I didn’t mind as it gave another dimension to the flowers.  I now just have to complete the other pots of flowers and  wash the flowers so that they mimic the first pot – AND give the finished piece a good press with the iron !

Felted blooms

The Lana worked well – it easily ” sinks in”  to the felted wool, and is so great to use from the spool.  I usually work with short lengths and with the extensive range of colours, I can always find a close match to the wool felt I use.

Next on the list is to try embroidering with Lana on a linen background.

6 Responses

  1. i love this flowers……thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Patty, I did use fusible web on the back of the applique pieces, but I wouldn’t do it again. I prefer to cut out directly onto the wool felt with sharp scissors. I probably would iron on a freezer paper shaped pattern piece and cut around that. With fine pins you can place the shape where ever you want. Because I had to wash the top with the pieces already on it, some shapes look a bit raggedy – but I will retrim carefully with scissors when I have finished and iron the top with steam.

  3. I really love the way your petals look! Wasking a project AFTER you applique could produce many wonderful surprises! Beautiful!

    • Judy – sometimes mistakes can led to surprisingly results! It could have worked disastrously, but I do like the extra felting on the flowers. Now I hope I can mimic it on the other flowers.

  4. I love the flowers. I haven’t tried the aurifil wool yet, just their cottons. Do you use fusible web on the back of your applique pieces when you cut them out?

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