Free Motion Quilting: March Contribution

I have been practicing my free motion quilting over the last month. Thanks to SewCalGal and the commitment to meet her challenge, I have progressed to the March exercise with a little less stress in my shoulders than last month.

This month’s feature FMQ tutor is Ann Fahl. Ann has a very informative tutorial packed with advice on the finer points of free motion quilting. She suggests an easy way of starting your quilting exercises by creating several  ‘quilt  sandwiches’. These are covered with “doodles”; the little drawings created when you are thinking of other things. These doodle sandwiches are saved, like pages, building a ‘GO TO’ book  for ideas when quilting a project.

Ann Fahl does NOT like stippling. She suggests there are so many more interesting ways to fill a space than plain meandering. She practices what she teaches and her gallery is worth an extended visit. If you click on individual pictures she has many close-up views of her work.Using her advice and a background ‘doodle’ of hers, I quilted my third heart!

Heart Quilting for March with help from Ann Fahl

I have outlined the heart with Aurifil Mako 28wt, as in the previous blocks. The quilted outline makes the heart  sit up better on the surface…in my humble opinion.

And NOW for the close up!

A 'doodle' inspired by the FMQ March Challenge.

Faithful to my pledge so far and….no more stippling!

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  2. Thank you for this post, I have little know how on threads and how to use them well so your advice on needle size and thread is great. I will also jump onto SewCalGal’s FMQ sessions – they sound good!

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  4. When you use 28 Wt thread, how do you adjust the tension? Increase 0r decrease and by how much? Thanks

    • Thanks for the question about using 28wt thread. When I use 28wt thread on top, I use 40wt thread in the bobbin. My needle is changed from a size 80 sharp to a 90 sharp. My machine’s tension doesn’t need to be changed with the bigger needle, but please keep in mind that all machines are different. I have small, 8inch to 10inch, quilt sandwiches that I use for practice before I quilt on a project. Once you like the result, make a note of needle size and any tension changes you made for future reference. And don’t forget to have fun!

  5. I love how you’re quilting the hearts. I’m on the fence with stippling. There are times when it serves a purpose but there are times when you need something with more personality. I’m OK with the stippling…I’m working on the personality. I have Ann Fahl’s book and really like her style.

    • Hi Candy, Thank you for your comments. I ONLY did stippling on quilts! You are right, stippling does have a purpose on quilts, but I am beginning to develop a ‘personality’ now. I adore the name of your blog as well!

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