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I love visiting op shops when I have some free time and usually I am looking for old embroideries, preferably completed ones to add to my collection.   Occasionally I manage to locate some real treasures, but more and more they are harder to find.  Often I find half-finished needlework with no matching threads, and rust needle marks on them which is not so good!  Recently I found a couple of pre-printed linen designs that had not been started and I was thrilled.

I decided to try some buttonhole stitching around the edges of the design and chose Ne 12 (the heaviest weight of the Aurifil Cotton Mako) to use. I wanted the stitching to disappear on this project, so I tried to match the colour of the linen with the thread.   I am pleased with how it is progressing and the advantage with using the Ne 12 makes it so easy to stitch – no plying and splicing of embroidery threads – and the Ne 12 lies flat to the surface.  The scary part will be when I have to cut back to the line of buttonhole stitches surrounding the doiley and between the flower designs. I think steady fingers and a sharp pair of fine scissors will be needed then.

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  1. What a lucky find! It’s such a pretty little design and your stitching is lovely. Please show us the finished item!

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