Do you have a PPP?

Do you have a PPP?…….. a Patchwork Project Pantry!

You probably do, even though you may not realise it.  By PPP, I mean a place where you store all the  “ingredients” for the project(s) you intend to make in the future.  Your PPP may include fabrics ( specially purchased or pulled from your stash) patterns, threads to match the fabrics (Aurifil of course!), and tools such as freezer paper and fabric markers which will be used in the project construction.This is my next intended project, another cushion, this time from Deborah Kemball’s  mouthwatering book,  “Beautiful Botanicals”.

I like to gather all the items I am considering using for a future project and store them together in a box, so that everything is together and ready when I decide to make a start.  This way I don’t have to launch a major search for items that I know I put “somewhere safe”.  It also has the advantage that I have a place to add ideas related to the project as they occur…. you will understand how creative thinking can occur anytime and any place!  I write thoughts down and pop them in the box.

My PPP storage boxes

Organising my PPP is itself a work in progress.

Finally, my PPP provides a patchwork “fix” if I don’t have the time or energy to actually sew.  It’s great therapy!!

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  1. […] I am pleased to tell you (also pleased with myself!) that I have completed another cushion, this time to replace one I made about 15 years ago which has now become faded and needs to be retired.  For a while the new cushion “makings” resided in my patch work project pantry, which featured in an earlier post. ‎ […]

  2. After hunting, without success, for a project that I knew I had put away in a safe place I think that it is time I re-organised into boxes.

    I also like Pip’s idea of labelling each box & I am thinking that it could be worthwhile going one step further. Recently, on Better Homes & Gardens, the decorator organised her gift wrap into a tube & glued a sample of each paper to the outside of the tube.

    A fabic swatch on the outside of project boxes would give me an instant reveiw of the contents without having to open the box. Now to find time to get organised!

  3. I’ve have started putting all the bits and pieces for each project in a box, I also label the box as well, so I when I’m moving things around I know what is in it without having to look inside.

  4. I love the beautiful boxes! It certainly would be more efficient to have everything in one place. Thanks for a great idea!

  5. Hi, I have so many PPP boxes as well but i just seem to start a new project away from them. It can be frustrating looking for a certain piece of material in my stash but what a lot of surprises you do find because you have forgotten about this fat 1/4 or metre of material.
    happy patching everyone

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