My colour choice is…….

Last year one of my friendship sewing groups decided to make our own Jelly Rolls. As there are 7 in the group, we were to exchange 7 strips of 2-1/2 inch fabrics in the colour choice of the recipient.   We met in January and had great fun revealing the fabrics we had chosen for our friends.   Much to everyone’s surprise, we all wrapped our Jelly Rolls similarly – ‘great minds think alike’!!

All the Jelly Rolls revealed

Someone had requested creams to taupes, another wanted blues only, someone asked for jewel tones and I requested reds.   It was suggested that we could find the colours out of our stashes of fabric, and most managed to do this.   I discovered some fabric colours I don’t have a lot of, like jade,  but had plenty of blues and purples in my stash.

Amazingly I didn't have any of these fabrics - and they were all different.

The idea is to make a jelly roll quilt by the start of 2013.  That of course brought another challenge.  Just what pattern to use.   Not owning one Jelly Roll quilt book meant I had to look elsewhere for inspiration.   I wanted to primarily use just the fabric I had been given and not have to buy too much more.

In the end I found a diamond pattern I liked, that just happened to be made out of 2-1/2 inch strips.  I made up a test block in case it was going to be a hard block to sew and keep accurate.  I pieced  it using Ne 50 Aurifil and it kept the shape well with no stretching.   I then thought  a patterned  fabric could break up the sets of diamonds and so the  hunt was on for a suitable one to use!

The floral setting fabric and the diamond block shape

I am optimisitc my plans will work!!   When you only have a basic idea and no finished pattern to work by it certainly is challenging.   I am a little concerned how I will go sewing with diamond shapes so I will take care with setting the blocks together.

Perhaps this time next year I will be able to show you the finished quilt (and maybe it will even be quilted!!).

and I think my Aurifil thread will work perfectly!!

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  2. I have worked out I need to make about 4 or 5 diamonds a month from now on to be able to finish the quilt in time. Phew!! I had better get started soon! Of course the jelly roll quilt won’t be the only quilting thing I will be focused on this year – there will be plenty of distractions along the way.

  3. What a clever idea! I’m with you in the reds….beautiful!

  4. The “jelly roll” quilts are going to be a great group – hope you’re planning to share pictures after the event!

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