Look at the free Aurifil embroidery for February

The next design in the Aurifil Embroidery block of the month has been released.

The February design, "Snow much Love" by Sherri Falls

The February block is so cute, and definitely a reflection of life in the northern hemisphere.  

“Snow Much Love” was designed for Aurifil by Sherri Falls of “This & That” pattern company.

You can download the free pattern, and read Pat Sloan’ s interview with Sherri, on the AuriBuzz blog.

Then, so that you have the best threads to stitch the embroidery, pop over to the Always Quilting online store where we have the Cotton Mako’ 12  thread packs made up for this block.

We have made up 2 threads sets for February.

Firstly, if you did NOT collect the threads for the January block,  you will need the FULL set of threads to stitch the February block.

The full set of Cotton Mako 12 threads for the February block

If you did purchase the thread set for the January block, you will only need the incremental thread set, below,  for February, as you will already have  some of the colours, that are used in this block, left over from January.

The set of new Cotton Mako’ 12 threads required for the February block

So don’t waste time now. Download the pattern, purchase the threads and start stitching!

The sooner you start, the sooner you can add your photo to the Flickr lucky draw competition.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Philomena,We don’t see snow in Australia very often so snowmen are always a novelty for us. These embroidery blocks are great little designs, so easy and quick to stitch.

  2. I love snowmen, can’t wait to get them embroidered.

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