New Year Resolution…Out the Window!?

I can assure you that I began 2012 with the very best intentions of finishing my UFOs.

I promised myself to finish at least one of my sewing/quilting/embroidery/appliqué projects (you get the picture) each month BEFORE I started anything new.


the Aurifil Stitchery of the Month Design arrived on the 14th of January.

I just couldn’t resist the cute bird and snow flakes.

Coming from the Northern Hemisphere I have a touch of nostalgia when it comes to a snowy winter,

but having lived in the Southern Hemisphere for almost 14 years I am drawn to the summery fabrics I have accumulated.

Aurifil 12wt and some batik fabric

Embroidering with Aurifil 12wt is a pure delight. Roseann Kermes’ design is quick, easy and fun.

I have added a few beads as well.

Beads add a bit of sparkle to my snowflakes

My Snow Bird is finished!

It will be incorporated into the wall hanging project to be provided at the end of the year by the Design Team at Aurifil,

but I don’t think this will count as another UFO…?!

Aurifil Stitchery for January

5 Responses

  1. Hah sounds familiar!

  2. Wow so beautiful, i haven’t started mine as yet. my threads arrived yesterday couldnt wait to open the package. I have managed to make 2 wall hangings so far this year but have my UFO’s as well to finish.We seem to – can’t help ourselves in starting a new project. all the best Di.

    • Thanks Dianne! Well done for making two wall hangings already in 2012. At least you are not adding to the UFO list. Please share a photo of your Snow Birds as we would love to see them!
      Happy Stitching

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