Have you seen the quilt photos entered into the Aurifil Social Competition?

I wasn’t planning to write a post mid-week, but I’ve just browsed through the photos of the quilts that have been entered into the Aurifil Social Quilt Competition.  There are some very talented people in the world with a wonderful sense of colour.   

 Just look at the entries so far

I wonder whether I should join in the fun and enter a photo of my tangerine Bargello quilt.

Jenny's tangerine Bargello quilt

It is a FaceBook social competition  so the winning entries will be decided by the number of viewer votes received for the quilt photo.

Only one vote per quilt is allowed, but you can vote for more than one quilt and I am sure most people will have more than one favourite!

 This means that anyone could win, whether they are a beginner quilter or an award winning exhibitor. 

As a viewer’s choice competition, the “judging” will be based on the “eye candy” quality of the quilts entered, appealing use of colour and design will be the deciding criteria, rather than the examination of  technical skills.

Entering the competition is as easy as one, two, three.

Entering the competition is as easy as one, two, three

So don’t be shy, get your quilt photo uploaded into the competition.  The prizes are certainly worthy of a little effort.

Look at the prizes in the Aurifil Social Quilt Competition

The other point about the competition that appealed to me is that we could almost call it an Australia Day competition  … the closing date is 25th January with winners announced on 26th January.

With these closing dates, don't you think that Aussie quilters just have to enter the competition

….so go Aussies go….

Go to FaceBook to Enter the Competition


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