Did you make a new year stitching resolution?

I made a new year stitching resolution! 

Last year I hardly allowed myself time for any personal stitching …. I did plenty of quilting for other people but very little for myself. So this year I have set a goal to finish one quilt and make a Christmas tree skirt just for me.

I loved the look of the blue & white Christmas tree skirt that Denise made

I was  inspired to set the Christmas tree skirt goal after seeing the beautiful tree skirt that Denise brought into work last month.

She had finished piecing the panels and needed to pick out the thread to complete the quilting.

Denise chose a pretty mid blue Cotton Mako’ 40 with which to quilt her Christmas Tree Skirt

I haven’t decide whether to make mine as a pieced skirt, or whether to create the skirt with a wholecloth quilting design.

 … I guess I have several months to make a decision and still get the project finished before December 2012.

In the meantime I can have lots of fun researching what other people have done. So far I have found:

Natalie & Kathleen from Piece & Quilt have a great tutorial for making a square Christmas tree skirt (as simple as making a quilt top, slashing it and cutting a central circle opening for the tree)

Over on Audrey Shwartz’s blog,  Mauby’s you will find another Christmas tree skirt made using large Drunkard’s path blocks.
On the How Stuff Works website there are several “no-sew”, or minimal sewing designs, but  what I found particularly useful was the method that they show for measuring a large circle.
In preparation for maybe making a quilted skirt, I did pop over to Jessica’s Digi-tech digital patterns to purchase the Christmas Tree skirt templates. They will simplify the design placement if I decide to quilt a wholecloth skirt.
I guess you will have to wait twelve months to see if I find time to make a Christmas tree skirt, and whether it is pieced or made as a wholecloth ….. (and did I say I was going to finish another quilt?)
But what about you …. what stitching are you planning to do in 2012?
Do write a comment to tell us. We love to hear about other people’s sewing projects.

All of us at Always Quilting
wish you a Happy New Year
with plenty of time for stitching

4 Responses

  1. Every year i never seem to make the christmas projects i have always wanted to. so this year i am starting in march. so heres hoping they will get done. happy new year to everyone.

  2. I adore Denise’s Christmas Tree skirt. I have always scrunched a piece of Christmas fabric round the bottom of the tree but this tree skirt is so beautiful I may have to add this to my 2012 NY Resolutions!

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