Just what every summer traveller needs.

A personalised luggage tag is just what every traveller needs. I know you can buy a huge range of colourful luggage tags these days, but nothing beats the hand-made, customised, tag …. no one else will have exactly the same tag!

Make your own customised luggage tag and make identification easy.

The summer holidays set me thinking about travel, and the annoying problem of identifying your luggage from amongst the hundreds of bags doing the rounds on the airport carousel.

My solution is to make a set of matching luggage tags in my own funky fabric design. This way I can instantly identify MY suitcase as soon as it appears through that little window in the wall.

Luggage tags are very simple to make, using the shapes from the pattern page (see the pattern download box to the left of the screen).

For each tag:

Cut 2 x tag shapes from chosen fabric:  each 4 1/2″ x 7″ (12cm x 18cm)

Cut 1 x plastic window shape from heavy-duty, clear tablecloth plastic:  4′ x 2 1/2″ (10cm x 6.5cm)

Cut 1 x loop strip from chosen fabric: 11′ x 2″ (28cm x 5cm)

Cut 2 tag shapes from interfacing: each 4″ x 6 1/2″ (10cm x 16.5cm)

Stitch with Aurifil Cotton Mako’ of course!!

Making up the tag:

  1. Make the loop by folding right sides together and stitching a seam 1/4″ from the raw edge to make a tube. Turn the tube so that the right sides are out. Press flat with the seam running down the centre of the tube.
  2. Stiffen the tag fabric by ironing  interfacing to the centre of the wrong side of each tag shape.
  3. Place right sides together and stitch around the shape, 1/4″ from the raw edges, leaving an opening at the  shoulders so that the tag can be turned out to the right side.
  4. Turn tag to the  right side.
  5. Press the raw edges of the “shoulders” into the wrong side
  6. Fold the loop in half and insert the raw edges in to the “neck” of the tag.
  7. Stitch all around the edge of the tag, very close to the edge, to close the shoulder and create a sharp finished edge.
  8. Position the plastic label “pocket”  in the centre of one side of the tag and stitch into place. Stitching can be straight or a decorative design.
  9. Print a sheet of address labels, cut to size, and insert one into the window.

Ta da!

One luggage label completed.

This is an easy project for playing with the decorative stitches on your machine.

Repeat as many times as needed.

2 Responses

  1. What a cute idea!!!! I love it.

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