In Praise of Hardware Stores

I love browsing in hardware stores. I could spend hours, poking around the displays, looking for things that I can use for patchwork and I have found some great storage boxes for my thread collection.

This carry case will hold 84 to 100 small spools of Aurifil Cotton Mako' or Lana

So here is the answer to the question I am always asked: (How do I store my threads ?)  ….. in a variety of “parts” boxes that I have found in the local hardware stores.

This Carry case, as seen above, is available from Bunnings

I carry a couple of empty spools in my hand bag at all times, to use as my measuring guide. If they fit into the storage space in a box I will buy it to trial for thread storage.

Get into the habit of carrying a couple of empty spools to use as the measuring guide.

So my handy hint to you this Christmas is … ask your family to visit the hardware store to buy your Christmas present this year.

Give them a spool of thread, as the measuring guide, and see what they find.

This little dual sided case from the hardware aisle in K-Mart was very clever

Double the storage in this dual sided case

You could also suggest that they include an IOU voucher for thread,  inside the thread storage box, to make it the absolutely perfect present for a textile artist.

You would then have the pleasure of visiting the Always Quilting online store in 2012, to select your favourite threads to fill your storage box.

It is always more difficult to find storage deep enough for the standard spools, but this box was perfect

The other storage units are all portable, carry arounds, but this is an ideal studio storage idea. The drawers will hold both the standard & the mini spools.

I would love to hear how you store your thread.

Add a comment here to tell us how you store your threads as I am sure everyone else will be interested in your ideas.

2 Responses

  1. I use the Ikea Alex drawers to store my threads. They are designed to fit A3 paper and have two sizes of drawers which are great for spools and cones. I have two and label each drawer for each colour/type. I did a blog entry showing them a while ago. Of course they are now full of Aurifil threads

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for responding. The Alex drawers sound interesting, I will have to look for them next time I am in Ikea. I loved the variety of other storage ideas shown on your blog.

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