The trade shows are now over for another year.

Every show, or event, involves so much planning. Deciding on the stand layout and product displays, getting documents printed and making sure that we have some new textile pieces to show the versatility possible, when you work with threads in the Aurifil range.

This year I was double booked, committed to a family activity on the same weekend …. I had agreed  to drive my husband to the start of the great Victorian Bike Ride on Friday (a 4 hour drive north west of Melbourne). It meant that I was not available to set up the stand, so I delegated the job to Heather & Denise.

The Aurifil stand at the Australian Quilt Market, 2011

Heather thought that we should set the scene with a cosy crafty display this year.

We wanted to remind everyone that Aurifil threads are versatile ... great for hand and machine stitching

Judy’s “Fruity Girl kaleidoscope” hexagon quilt,  featured in a post earlier this year, made the perfect feature on one of our walls.

Judy's hexagon quilt was a bright feature on our stand

Not only was I not there to set up but I spent Saturday morning, the first day of the show, driving back to Melbourne. So once again the staff had to step in to hold the fort.

Judy & Heather did a fantastic job, talking to people about their experience using Aurifil and showing  what was possible when you use Aurifil for your stitching.

As a wholesaler I find that the trade shows, as opposed to the retail craft fairs, are a great opportunity to meet my customers. Quite often I have not personally met a shop owner when they first become a customer, as we have worked together by telephone & email.

So for me, one of the best things about of a trade show  is the face to face meeting with Aurifil retailers and now the staff can also put names and faces together. Over the years, customers become friends and it is a great opportunity to catch up with  them in person.

The other wall of the stand featured my "attic window" quilt and Judy & Heather's art quilts

I am so proud of  my staff, they have great ideas and are so competent. They did a fantastic job, stepping in to help this weekend …

I think I will make sure that I am unavailable for part of every trade show next year.

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  1. As you say Jenny, it is great to put a ” face to the name” at Trade Shows. I had the pleasure of meeting some our customers from the far north of Australia this weekend. As usual they were complaining about the Melbourne weather!!!!!

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