Love the positive feedback about Aurifil


Aurifil Cotton Mako' 50 is available in both a 1300 metre & a 200 metre spool

It is nice to hear feedback from people who actually use the prizes/product give-aways that they win, or receive,  so I was delighted to read Mary Mack’s blog post about the 50 weight Cotton Mako’ threads that she won in the Aurifil competition on Facebook not so long ago.

So often the product gets put aside to be “used one day when I get around to it”.  However Mary got stuck into a piecing and quilting project to really test out the threads.

Now I know that you are used to seeing/ hearing/ reading me rabbitting on (raving on) about how well the Aurifil threads stitch, how versatile they are, how your machine will like them ….. shall I go on …. but I don’t need to because this is what Mary had to say after her independent testing:

“But I was learning that all “they” say about this thread is true. More accurate piecing, better quilting, less breakage, less lint. It really is as great as others have said. Since the thread is thinner, you really can put more on a bobbin, and you don’t have as much lint in your machine after using it. I really checked this out. “

And you should see the projects that were used for the testing.

Mary made two lovely table runners, using an Eleanor Burns Autumn Leaves pattern with lots of pointy piecing and then she quilted them heavily so that they have a beautiful rich textured appearance. The finishing touch was the addition of some clever fibre optic lights. Such fun.

You really must visit Mary Mack’s Blog to see these beautiful table runners for yourself. 

The latest thread kit from the factory.... a set of 4 piecing colours in Cotton mako' 50

PS: We now have the above piecing kits, and the full colour range of individual spools, in the Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 solid colours in stock. Visit the Always Quilting website to check out the colours.


2 Responses

  1. It was my pleasure Mary Ellen,. I really do enjoy hearing about people’s experiences when they use Aurifil for the first time. I was also fascinated with the concept of using fibre optics in/on a quilt. I can imagine wonderful wall hangings.

  2. Thank you so much for spotlighting my blog, and for the thread from the contest. I do plan to purchase more Aurifil, and can’t wait to try other weights. Thanks also for the compliments on my work. I am really honored that you mentioned it. You should see the fiber optic lights in motion, It’s a really cool touch. My friends are doing awesome work with my quilts.
    Thanks again,

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