25 Hours

Recently I was lucky enough to do a workshop with Mary Transom www.marytransom.co.nz  from New Zealand. Here I learnt some new applique techniques about preparing whole units of embroidered flowers before machining them to the surface of a quilt.

Starting to get the applique in some sort of order

Naturally, I went home all ‘fired up’ and wanting to work on my new project – and naturally, ‘life’ got in the way. If only I could have a week – or even one whole day after a workshop to be able to focus on completing my new quilt, or mastering the technique. What I need is 25 hours per day!! I guess that is something all patchworkers wish for occasionally – especially when it comes to trying to fit into a busy day their quilting and patchwork.
So I must confess I haven’t done much more on my quilt from when I did the workshop. I have started to machine down the geranium leaves before adding the embroidered flowers.

Some of the Ne12 threads I selected to use

Mary appliques with a small zig zag,  a buttonhole stitch or even a satin stitch. I wanted to try doing a ‘raw edged’ applique using the Ne 12 thread.

It was interesting selecting a colour to use, as when I laid the one I chose across the red coloured petals, the thread ” changed” colour in the ‘rich’ red petal and again in the softer red petal.  It meant I could use one Ne12 thread colour for most of the flowers.

Prepared whole units embroidered with Ne 40 and Ne 50 weight threads

I may use the lighter weight Ne 28 or even the Ne 40 to machine embroider the leaf veins, but that decision will wait until I get all the leaves put in place.

I just wish I had a few more hours in the day to concentrate on my pot of geraniums!

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  1. Beautiful Geraniums! They just glow in the photo.

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