New look Always Quilting website launched

Wow! Am I pleased to be able to tell you that the new look Always Quilting website has been launched at long last.  It has been several months in the planning and I am very happy with the fresh  new look.

The new look Always Quilting website.

The new website uses a modern shopping cart with the machine quilting information available via a separate blog, and we are still adding all the information documents and Freebie pattern pages back into the main website.

So if you are looking for something that is not yet uploaded please contact us, like Eva did last week. She sent an email to say she had purchased everything to make the Flannel Block Carrier Book and now couldn’t find the pattern. This was an easy fix as I was able to email the pages to her immediately.

Hopefully all these items will be in place by the end of next week. The old website had grown over a 10 year timeframe so I really did want to edit, and tidy up, the pages as we launched this new look

Talking of the new look, I had a quiet laugh, when the web designer polled a group of friends to check if they could connect to the new site, as some comments came back saying they loved the colour and others said it needed to be brighter. Even though I love colour, and the brighter the better is my motto, I had deliberately chosen a subdued blue/grey as I felt it was more relaxing as background for browsing the website.

So why not go visit for yourself and let me know what you think.  The web address is still:

If you had the website bookmarked in your favourites,  this may create a problem if your internet browser tries to pick up the website on the old web hosting.  You will see a yellow home page, or  get an error message(page not found), if this happens. To fix this, and link to the new website,  click [control] plus F5 on the key board to force your internet browser to search again to find the new site.

So please visit Always Quilting and let me know what you think.

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