Doors and Doorways

On the blog this month we  have been focusing on Aurilux threads  and so I  decided to use them for my art group project of “Doors and Doorways”.  I hadn’t had much practice with Aurilux, and like most quilters tend to ‘stick to’ sewing with the Aurifil Cotton Mako with cotton fabrics.   Of course there is no reason why I can’t use Aurilux to quilt with, as the sheen is lovely and the selection of colours fabulous.  I did a practice sample first to sort out the tension, and I put in a new sewing machine needle as well.  I always do this when I am about to quilt a new design.

Aurilux threads used in my project

For my Doors project I drew up my design in pencil and coloured in some areas using fabric pastels.  It was the first time I had tried them, and not only are they easy to use they can be blended easily giving even more colours.  Next I quilted the outlines of the door and brick surrounds using the threads.

Our art group encourages us to extend ourselves and try new techniques – so I  decided to add some names for doors on the bottom of the quilt, and some loosely cut out ivy leaves at the top.

Different words for 'doors and doorways'

To complete the quilt I put some ‘tendrils’ of
tapestry wools and other yarns from my stash.

I am looking forward to seeing what the other members of our group make using the theme, and I will be trying Aurilux again on my quilts.

3 Responses

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  2. I started with a photograph but there are lots of ‘old’ doors around that look like this. I wanted to add some more texture (ie the ivy and names) to the quilt. Now I have to work out whether to have a binding on it – or finish it off another way.

  3. What a beautiful door – was this one imaginary, or did you start from a photograph?

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