Jazz Up A T-Shirt with Aurilux

Do you have a favourite shirt you love to wear but it needs a little ‘pick me up’?  Well, you can jazz it up with some simple designs and some Aurilux thread.

A simple line design to fit the area on my garment

I drew a sketch of the outline of the shirt front I wanted to embellish to make sure my design would fit the space. The design is easily altered by moving or eliminating any of the scrolled tendrils.

When I was happy with the design I traced the design onto a water soluble embroidery stabilizer . The online shop, www.alwaysquilting.com.au , offers several options, depending on the fabric content of your garment. The embroidery stabilizer is then tacked to the garment and I simply stitch on the lines through all the layers.

Stitch through the water soluble embroidery stabilizer and your garment

When you have finished the design follow the manufacturers directions to removed the embroidery stabilizer.

The Aurilux has a lovely sheen

 You can use a purchased garment or incorporate Aurilux into a garment you are constructing.

I love my ‘new’ shirt. I think the matching thread (pictured with my ensemble) adds an elegant touch to what was once, an ordinary t-shirt.

Aurilux colours are a perfect match (No, I did NOT 'wear' the spool... very big grin)

My embroidery design is available as a free download.
Browse the list of patterns on the left hand side of the screen to find the design.

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