Let’s glitz up for Spring with Aurilux

As a “dyed in the wool cotton thread on cotton fabric” patchworker I don’t often talk about our Aurilux, the satin finished, polyester embroidery thread but in the past week something happened that made me look at the Aurilux threads with new eyes.

Just a small selection of thepretty variegated colours in the Aurilux range

We  had two textile artists in the shop who took one look at the rich glossy Aurilux  colours and went into raptures about where, and how, they could use the threads in their next projects.

Their reaction made me realise that it wasn’t fair to keep this lovely thread a secret, and Spring is the perfect time to start adding some glitz to our life (and work)

These pretty butterflies were embroidered several years ago by my friend Janice

Aurilux gives beautiful results when used for embroidery and it is also a great thread for quilting, when you are looking to add a touch of  light to a design.

You can read more about the Aurilux thread here on the blog or you can go directly to our online store to make a purchase.

So, as the gardens start to blossom for spring, there is no better time to start planning your own pretty spring project.

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