Thread play with Aurifil “watercolour” variegated threads

We designated August as the month to talk about variegated threads to help brighten up, what can be a dreary, grey, month at the end of winter. Well fortunately the weather has not been too extreme, as we have hardly mentioned our pretty variegated threads this month.

However there are still a couple of days left in August so I thought I would take this last opportunity to show you the “water colour” thread collection. This range is so called because of the soft pastel appearance, using one colour light through dark with the addition of white.

Some of the Aurifil Cotton Mako' variegated colours in the "water colour" collection

 As you would expect, these threads give fantastic results when used for thread painting, allowing you to create a wash of colour.

I’ve only recently started playing with the thread painting technique but I can already feel a new addiction growing, and I plan to do lots more practice.

My first attempt at thread painting. I used both the variegated Aurifil Cotton Mako' 40 & Mako' 28 for this experiment

 As with all the threads in the Cotton Mako’ range, the variegated colours are available in 4 thread weights so you can build your work with  texture, as well as colour.

If you want to join in the fun and create your own thread painted textile art works pop over to the website to see the full colour range.

By using the link above you can find a list of local retailers, or you can go to the Always Quilting online store,  to order threads.

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