“A line is a dot that went for a walk”

Recently my patchwork guild’s “Art” group choose to study  the Swiss/German artist Paul Klee.

Before we make a textile work we always spend time discussing the artist and his/her work using the internet as a resource or our own art books or those borrowed from the local library.
If we have chosen an Australian artist, we arrange a visit to a gallery to view some of the work ‘in the flesh’.
During the month we work on our textile piece and also research a new artist for the following month.

Not knowing anything about Paul Klee was exciting, as I went in with an open mind, and ready to use his art work as the inspiration for finished textile work.    I discovered a wonderful artist who has painted some excellent works that could be used by patchworkers for inspiration.

Clarifying Paul Klee

I chose a painting called “Clarification” painted in 1932 which I thought ‘leant ‘ itself to using lots of lines of thread.    I had kept in my stash of textured fabrics, a tea- dyed piece of Onasburg ‘linen’ and on parts of the material I coloured light pencil areas.

Some of the Ne12 threads I used

 Then I stitched many lines of thread using Cotton Mako Ne 12 (the ‘heaviest’ of the Aurifil threads.   I quilted over the piece with Ne 28 in a similar colour to the background fabric not wanting the quilting to distract the eye from the threadwork.   I am very pleased with the end result – it is subtle but gives the look I was after.

Freehanding the stitches as the mood takes me!

BTW The title of my blog is from a quote by Paul Klee.

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