How to have fun playing with variegated thread.

This month, our feature thread from the Aurifil range is not really a thread, more like a dyeing technique, as we are talking about variegated colours.  You will find a good variety of variegated threads in the Cotton Mako’, Lana & Aurilux ranges. 

A glorious collection of variegated threads form Aurifil

 There are some multi-colour variegations, but mostly the variegations consist of one colour that runs from light to dark, and back, along the strand of thread so even the Brillo threads could be mistaken for variegated colours as the metallic thread glitters light & dark.

The self variegated threads create beautiful water colour effects when used for thread painting, a topic that I will discuss later this month.

These Brillo threads could be mistaken for variegated colours as the metallic thread sparkles light & dark

 Late last year we featured our crochet projects using the Lana thread. When we did this it set me thinking about what would happen if we crocheted with the Cotton Mako’ 12, which is a similar thickness to the Lana thread.

 I had great fun crocheting these flowers with 2 & 3 strands of a variegated Cotton Mako’ 12  (colour 4647). I beaded them and stitched them to cord before combining them with tassels and a strand of beads to make a necklace (not my own idea, as I used a necklace that I had previously purchased as the inspiration)

I crocheted these flowers using a variegated colour in Cotton Mako' 12

I also turned one flower into a brooch by stitching it on to a large button back. Such simple projects, but they get compliments every time I wear them.

If you want to have fun making your own crochet flowers you will find our crochet instructions in the download box to the left of the screen and you can purchase Aurifil threads from our online store.


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