How to make time to do the things you enjoy

By the time the week gets to Wednesday I am looking for a boost, so I’ve been browsing other blogs lately to see how other people deal with the mid week doldrums.  What I found instead was a great post on the Zen Habits blog, about the time management habit of dealing with things once, that I thought was worth sharing.

You know the business tip, handle things once …. read the correspondence, make a decision, respond and file (or bin).

I realised that if you use the same techniques in your life in general, dealing with things as they happen, it would free up time to do more patchwork, embroidery fabric painting or simply reading a book. 

I have recently finished the needle turned applique on the wall hanging that has been one of my “carry around” projects for several years (I wrote about it in November 2009) .  

I've finished the applique that I started in a class with Mariya Waters

Now I have already picked out the next project BUT …. I need some time to get the fabrics and threads ready for stitching. 

My next applique project will be this lovely design by Sylvia Pippen

Apart from the fact that I love the Sturt Pea flower, I chose this design because I will be able to use Cotton Mako’ 50, for the applique, & Cotton Mako’ 12 for the sashiko stitching and I really do want to get started.

I know I am guilty of wasting time by looking at something, then putting it aside to be dealt with later … so I am about to become tough on my poor time management habits to see if I can really free up some time for my own sewing.

I think I may have even found a remedy for my Wednesday doldrums …..  I am going to set aside an hour to browse other blogs and share lots of good ideas that appeal  to me …. so watch this space on a Wednesday to see what I find.

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