Easily Distracted !

I have been trying to complete some projects I started a while ago – a long while ago!!
I guess it happens to us all – start something, then we come to a problem with it, or else another project comes along that is even nicer/bigger/brighter than the last – and whooooosh!! there you are buying fabrics for something new, cutting out and stitching again.
So this month, I have been trying to finish a bag I started about 4 years ago. I don’t know why I didn’t bother to finish it originally, as I had no trouble at all. What inspired me to find it in the ‘dark recesses of the cupboard’ and start working on it, was the arrival a few weeks back in the “Always Quilting” shop of the gorgeous Lana threads on the mini spools – so I can choose even more colours to play with.A closer look at the felted wool flowers stitched with Aurifil Lana.
As my bag is made of wool and felted wools the colours just blended in beautifully. I am thrilled with the end result, and have received some lovely comments from friends when they have seen it.

Now I am planning on finishing a few more projects – I know it  will take a while as quilts take much longer to complete than bags!!

4 Responses

  1. congratulations on finishing your bag. it is so easy to start a new project. But when we do it feels so great. I have 12 items on the go at the same time.

    • Dear Dianne – sometimes I get bored with a project and start another. Sometimes I do a workshop and so that makes another started. Then there is the one you see in a magazine, or at a quilt show or the one a friend has done – hmmmmm – it is easy to get distracted itsn’t it?!!!

  2. I am pleased one of my MANY ufo’s is finished – and I am determined to get some more done this year. As I talk to other patchworkers I discover that most have at least 10 (or more projects) semi-completed!! I know of one person who claims to have 40!!!

  3. Wow! This bag does look good, and I am sure you are feeling very pleased to have finished a UFO

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