Glorious embroidery with Cotton Mako’ 28

The thread that we are featuring in June is Cotton Mako’ 28 so it was a happy find to see these glorious outfits posted on the Aurifil Patchwork Quilt FaceBook site.  Alex, the product manager, headed his post with the question:

“Does your quilt wear Prada too? …these Prada artworks areembroidered with 100% Aurifil cotton threads?” 

The embroidery on these outfits has been executed in Cotton Mako' 28

I checked with Alex and discovered that the embroidery has been mostly stitched with Cotton Mako’ 28, with some of the very fine detail being added with Cotton Mako’ 40.

What a wonderful introduction for our feature thread!

Cotton Mako’ 28

When I am talking to machine embroiderers I am always surprised to find that very few people have used cotton thread for their embroidery. In most cases people tell me that, when they purchased their embroidery machine, they were told to use rayon and so they had not considered using cotton thread.

Yet,  Cotton Mako’ creates beautiful embroidery and the gentle lustre of this mercerised thread is so pretty when used on a cotton fabric.


This embroidery design from Pfaff stitched out beautifully in Cotton Mako' 28


We will be bringing you more ideas for using Cotton Mako’ 28 during the month, and you can check out the thread details, or make a purchase, on the Always Quilting website.

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