I Love seeing what people are stitching with Aurifil

I love to see the work that other people have been doing with Aurifil threads so, when Vicki from The Pickledish Patch called into pick up some Aurifil stock for her store, I was thrilled to see this beautiful hand embroidery that she  has being doing with Cotton Mako’ 12.

Vicki's embroidery with Cotton Mako' 12 on the Vignette Quilt by Leanne Beasley

It is part of the Vignette Mystery Quilt by Leanne Beasley and, as Vicki wanted to stitch the embroidery with Cotton Mako 12,  she converted the colours on the requirements list into the Mako colours. On her blog Vicki said:

Well…how delightful they are to use. One strand of thread which goes thru so smoothly and no splitting them either. They are kept on a reel and I like that idea too. I love them and am so glad I decided to use them for this stitchery BOM. “

The embroidery looks wonderful so I thought you would like a close up view.  You will be able to follow Vicki’s  progress on her mystery quilt on her blog.

A close up of Vicki's lovely embroidery using Cotton Mako' 12

Vicki’s idea of converting the thread colours into the Cotton Mako’ colour codes is an idea worth noting. 

You don’t have to use a particular thread range just because it is the one on the pattern requirements list. You are allowed to give yourself permission to customise a pattern to your preferred your choice of fabrics and Aurifil threads.

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  1. It was a pleasure to show you Jenny 🙂 I am still enjoying stitching with the Ne12 Mako threads. Actually I love them 🙂

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