The Save My Sanity Week

Some people escape to a 5 star hotel for a spa retreat when they need a break from work.  I go bush camping, away from the telephone, internet and business decisions.

Our campsite in the national park

This year we managed to pick a week of unusually wet & windy weather for our camping escape in the Croajingolong National Park. 

Sometimes the wildlife looked miserable in the heavy rain


This is a temperate rainforest in the far east of victoria so, as you can imagine, it is normally very wet. Given the extreme weather last week even the birds looked bedraggled!

I was very pleased to have a down jacket, even if I did look & feel like the Michelin man.


I had some hand sewing with me but I didn’t take it out of the bag because, for  most of the time, it was too cold to take off my gloves during the day & there was not enough light at night.

We had about 3 hours each day, between 11am & 2 pm, when the weather was reasonable and it was possible for go for a bush walk to sand dunes, the rivers, beaches & lighthouse.

One of the beach walks in the park

 So instead of stitching, I played with my camera.  I enjoyed taking photos of the stormy skies, scenery and amazing fungi that we saw in the forest.

The weather built up every day

I’ve now collected a portfolio of  ideas & textures for future patchwork & quilting designs.

I have never before seen the variety of fungi that we found on this holiday

I had to laugh when we stopped for lunch on the way home and I noticed some knitted fungi in the window of the local wool shop.

These cute knitted fungi were the perfect postscript to a wet holiday

In the end the weather didn’t spoil the holiday.

It was a very relaxing break from work, and I’ve ended up with several collections of photos for future stitching  …. landscape features,  interesting textures, fungi & wild life.

Now I just have to set aside some time to actually play with some fabric & thread.

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