The Quilt Hanging

Congratulations to Judy, my friend and workmate on winning the Whimsical Woolly competition  from “Dyed and Gone to Heaven” with the gorgeous pincushion she made.
Just in case the followers on the blog thought I didn’t complete my entry (see post on 3 April ) I will tell you the saga of my entry!!!

After much consideration and musing over what I would do, I started it on a Monday after visiting a well known ‘hardware’ store for architectural pieces eg padded wire garden ties, glue and duct tape!   Then on the Tuesday I found I simply couldn’t walk after something happening to my knee  (too many ‘step ups’ and exercise suggested the doctor) and so for the next week I was forced to rest it in bed.   Consequently I had to try to finish the entry while lying down  and it was certainly a challenge – in more ways than one!!!   It was fun ‘ordering’ the family to find my sewing requirements from another room in the house (as I couldn’t walk very far).

I managed to get the whimsical entry done, asked the kind MOTH (Man of the House) to post it for me. It felt good that I had finished what I had promised to do and it was on time to be ‘judged’.
I enjoyed using the wool pieces as they are surprisingly strong  and they needed to be as I had to wrap them around the wire to make the tree shape. The fabrics also didn’t fray – another definite advantage.    The little quilt was easy to embroider and the Lana wool worked well.

Here’s the finished product!!

The finished "Quilt Hanging"

3 Responses

  1. Wow – fiber sculpture, that’s quite the accomplishment when you have two sound legs to do it from! Your piece is charming Ladybird, with many delightful details! Congratulations to Judy – Dyed and Gone to Heaven’s work is gorgeous – what a treat to win even a small prize from her!

    • Hi Cheryl
      I agree, Ladybird’s sculpture was very clever and it looked as good in real life as in the photo.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl. I also think Ladybird’s quilt tree is delightful. I still don’t know how I won this contest with such glorious competition.
      I am very appreciative and will enjoy using the Dyed and Gone to Heaven goodies.

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