Calorie Free Fast Eggs

Another idea for Easter stitching (and a quick project) using the fine Aurifil Ne 50 is to applique some oval ‘egg’ shapes  onto a special piece of fabric.

In my version, I have used two gorgeous Kaffe Fasset fabrics. I often choose NOT to have fabrics of the same designer in a patchwork project, as I like to use various prints and patterns from different sources, but I thought these two worked beautifully together (and this is meant to be a project that can be done in a couple of hours).

Freezer paper template for the egg shape

I didn’t need to do any additional embroidery on the ‘eggs’ as the patterned fabric cleverly gives the impression. If I had time I could always add some fine beads if I wanted some dimension to the eggs.

Freeezer paper shapes ironed on the back of the "eggs" ready for pining and stitching

I used a freezer paper template shape to applique around – ensuring the smoothness of the oval. I nearly forgot to pull out the  freezer paper shape before the last applique stitches went in!!!

I intend making this simple design into a little Easter bag (optimistically hoping someone may put some real chocolate eggs in it!). However it could be used as a cushion – with some additional borders or put into a frame for an Easter wall decoration.

Happy Easter – and I hope you have time to do some stitching.

3 Responses

  1. […] suggested using beautiful fabric to make appliqued egg shapes  to create a feature panel for a bag or table […]

  2. Excellent post. Beading is a great hobby that my mom enjoys very much, she came across a new beading blog and she just fell in love with it. She recommends it to all her friends. Just wanted to share this with everyone that loves to bead. Once again thanks for sharing.

    Creek Corner – Crafts and Beading Hobbies

  3. Clever use of that KF fabric- Good luck on the chocolate wishes!

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