Wonderful whimsical woolly works with Lana

The alliteration had to stop somewhere, but I do hope that you think our entries for the “Dyed & Gone to Heaven” whimsical woolly competition are wonderful.

Our "Thread Whimsy" & "Playtime Pincushion" made with the felted wool from Dyed & Gone to Heaven and embroidered & decorated with Aurifil Lana wool thread

Judy & I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and loved the way the fabric and the Lana wool threads worked so well together. It was so easy to work with the fabric that we both said we had to make ourselves stop adding more & more decorations to our pieces.

We used every square centimetre of the fabric, supplied in the challenge kit, making our respective projects and are a little disappointed that we don’t have any of that lovely felted wool left for more tactile play but of course we still have plenty of the lovely Lana threads left in our personal collections and in the shop.

Some of the Lana thread that we used in our whimsical woolly projects

Judy drew up her own original applique design for the pincushion. She fused the wool fabrics together with a heat fusible web to create the basic shapes,  then added the Lana embroidery and  beading surface decorations.

I designed a small wallet to carry around my threads and included a pocket on the back, for a pair of scissors & a packet of needles. The wallet opens out flat to give access to 7 spools of thread so it will be the perfect companion for an individual project bag. I blanket stitched the wallet edges with Lana  and also used it to crochet my fantasy flower decorations.

We are in the process of writing up instructions for our creations so check back to the blog over the next few weeks to find the downloadable patterns in the Freebies Box on the left hand side of the page.

Also, don’t forget to keep coming back throughout April to see what we do with Cotton Mako’ Ne 50,  our feature thread for this month.

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