Can you resist a challenge?

Here at Always Quilting we obviously can’t resist a challenge.  We had to join in the fun as soon as we heard about the Whimsical Woolly challenge that Lisa Walton from Dyed & Gone to Heaven is running to promote her new fabric line. 

These delightful dyed & felted woollen fabrics appealed to us immediately as the perfect companion to our Lana wool threads. 

The Aurifil Lana wools will be the perfect match for the delightful felted woollen fabrics from Dyed & Gone to Heaven

Our fabrics for the challenge arrived during the week and we are already planning our entries.

Heather has a sculptured structure in mind, Judy has drawn up a smart applique design and I am being as practical as ever, planning a little portable whimsy thread carrier.

You will have to come back in a week or two to see if we get our challenge projects finished by the deadline.

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