You can never have too many!!

I guess you can never have too many shoes or handbags either – or metres  of fabric!!

Over the years of involvement in patchwork, I have managed to acquire some beautiful pincushions. Some have been given to me at various quilting events and some I have made for myself because I just liked the pattern. My favourite pincushions are those made by friends for me.  I  look at them and remember who gave them to me  – and they are just so special.  I keep some pincushions in a basket, some in an old hat box and the rest are put in with various sewing projects. You can never have too many pincushions!!

This month I designed and made myself a new one using some lovely felted wool from our shop and worked it with the Aurifil Lana.

The pincushion is nearly finished!

The pincushion is nearly finished!

I am hoping the felted wool starts to ‘wear’ on the edges to make an interesting effect. I buttonholed all the seams in a matching purple wool and did a running stitch on the petals and leaves. The Lana really works well with felted wool and there are just so many colours to choose from.

4 Responses

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  2. Such a yummy looking photo of how beautifully the thread and fabric coordinate!

  3. It’s beautiful! I love pincushions too! I also love your blog and thank you for the link to the online shop. I am so in love with Aurifil thread. Been using it for two years and I don’t use anything else. I LOVE, LOVE the wool thread!


    • Hi Sue

      Thank you for the positive feedback. At Always Quilting, we all love using Aurifil threads but it is always wonderful to hear from other people who feel the same way. We keep finding more and more ways to use the various thread ranges to create interesting textile work.

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