Stitching the Civil War

In a moment of  madness in  January I decided to take up a new quilting challenge!!!  

I was asked by one of my quilting friends  from America  if I would be interested in making an eight inch block each week by following a blog of Barbara Brackman’s called Civil War Quilts.

 I have enjoyed books by Barbara Brackman where history and quilting often mix in a wonderful combination, and was interested in this new challenge.   Of course making a block a week is quite a committment, but luckily a group of friends  is also doing the  blocks  and we are encouraging each other by sharing photos as we complete each block. 

Some of us are using the traditional reproduction fabrics, some are using florals and  others using brights.   Surprisingly we are all managing to keep up to date and we all look forward to the next post on the blog, to see how difficult or straightforward the construction is.

Making " Cotton Boll", the latest block in the Civil War quilt challenge.

Barbara gives some history about each block and links to books and diaries to read as well.  It is a fascinating blog and worth reading -even if you don’t want to do the stitching!!

To piece these blocks on the machine I have been using the lovely Ne 40 .

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  2. Hi Heather. Don’t know if you remember me, but we met one day i Nov. last year. I looked at your Civil War block and it looks nice. I have been looking into the blog myself and printed out every block so far. Hopefully I will manage to make it one day. Are you going to NZ in Easter as well. If so, you too must have a nice trip. Hugs

    • Lovely to hear from you from far Norway!! The Civil War blocks are progressing each week – and I am enjoying making them. I am attending the New Zealand Quilt Symposium in Queenstown at Easter, and hopefully we will be able to blog about our adventures there too. Of course we will be carrying some Aurifil thread in our suitcase! Best wishes.

  3. Such a Beautiful Block-to-be!

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