The sounds of Christmas in Melbourne

The sound of summer in Melbourne is the high pitch singing of the cicada’s, starting  just on sunset, once the days get warmer, and then not long after this we have the arrival of the Rainbow Lorikeets. The unseasonal cool weather leading up to Christmas this year has meant that the cicadas have been quiet, but it has not effected the Rainbow Lorikeets.

The Rainbow Lorikeet.

So for me in Melbourne, the sound of Christmas rapidly approaching  is not the Christmas carol musak that starts in the shopping centres far too early in the year.

It is a sound from nature, the rowdy noise of Rainbow Lorikeets squabbling over the nectar in the blossoms of our neighbour’s flame tree. 

These birds are a pleasure to watch, their colourful plumage fluttering though the tree, and overhead, is enough to have me searching through the fabric stash to try to match their colours for my next project.

The Flame Tree in the neighbour’s garden

What sounds mean Christmas is approaching for you?

3 Responses

  1. […] have previously shared a photo of a Rainbow Lorikeet, the bird that reminds me that summer (& Christmas) is really upon us, so I thought that I […]

  2. I enjoyed the Wikipedia links. I learn something new everyday. The deep fried cicadas are interesting. I don’t think I will add them to my Christmas lunch THIS year.

    • I know that insects are thought to be a delicacy in some places around the world but deep fried cicadas would have to be chocolated coated for me to ever consider eating them.

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