FREE … Aurifil iPhone App

This latest innovation from Aurifil is awesome. 

The FREE iphone App from Aurifil to locate shops & product information

With this App you will always have a locator for shops, that sell Aurifil threads, at you finger tips.

The address, telephone number, email and website information is listed for each shop, plus a google GPS travel map to help you find the shop when travelling by car, public transport or walking. At this time only the shops in USA, Australia & New Zealand are listed, but the Aurifil stockists in the rest of the world will be progressively listed in the next few weeks.

A useful quick reference for Aurifil product information on the iPhone App

In addition to the shop finder, there is a quick reference guide to all the Aurifil products and their uses. Given that there are 4 different thread weights in the Cotton Mako’ range, plus the other thread types, this  is very handy when you are planning a new project, and need a speedy reminder as to how each thread works.

Owners of  iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices can download the FREE Aurifil application from the Apple App store.

Download the FREE Aurifil iPhone Application

Having had the opportunity to play with the App on a friend’s iPhone, I can recommend it as easy to use, & very useful if you travel. In fact I was left wishing I could keep the phone just to keep playing …..  I have to admit to being a little envious as I am the sad owner of a very basic mobile phone.

However, given that it is nearly the Christmas season and I was determined to feel generous,  I did a search to see how many other textile related iPhone Apps I could find for my friends.

Now be warned I’ve not tested any of these, and do not know if they are free or require a payment, so please do your own research.

Easy Quilt 
Learn to quilt like a Pro, step by step instruction, including advanced techniques, “How-To” videos, no internet connection needed

Quilting Calc
Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilter’s Paradise have joined forces to bring you a collection of eight essential quilting calculators.

Fabric Stash
Keep your fabric stash in order with this nifty little app and always have a record of the fabric that you have at home.

Quilt Envi
A giant collection of cozy quilts, in your pocket! Quilt Envi brings lovely quilt photos straight from the worldwide web to your iPhone, along with in-depth information on patterns, designers and shows.

Fabric Calc
Fabric Calc is an essential tool for sewn product industry professionals.

Yardage Calc
Do you buy sewing patterns and fabric? Yardage Calc estimates the yardage needed when the width of the selected fabric is not listed on the pattern envelope.

If , like me, you do not own an iPhone, or other such device, I apologise for any frustration, and envy, that this post might generate. I guess that we will just have to continue doing things the old fashion way … with yellow pages and internet searches.

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