A treasure trove of thread from Aurifil

A new shipment of Aurifil has arrived in store and there are some treasures amongst the regular standards!

A pretty selection of Lana wool blend threads chosen by Cecile Franconie for her Crochet Facile collection

You don’t have to crochet to appreciate this collection of pretty Lana wool blend threads. Although Cecile’s miniature Granny Square scarves look gorgeous, the threads work equally as well for embroidery.

Sarah Vedeler has also been busy adding to her Aurifil collections with these 2 new ranges.

More pretty Cotton Mako' Ne 50 collections chosen by Sarah Vedeler

Sarah’s collections always feature vibrant colours to complement her work with silk fabrics. The 1300 metre spools of Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 thread will given you beautiful results when thread painting and embroidering on a cotton background.

The needle turn applique lovers, & miniature piecers, have not been neglected. Marti Michell has joined the designer group with her selection of 10 x 200 metre spools of Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 for her Wild Rose Thread Collection.

Such pretty, and useful colours in this Kit Art collection of Cotton Mako' Ne 50 selected by Marti Michell

All these Kit Art collections are available for sale in the Always Quilting Online Store

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  1. These all look so absolutely wonderful it makes you wish you had a bottomless wallet! 🙂

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