The Sew Ezi table would have fitted in to the car!

All the way to Bright, to attend the Sew Bright Spring Patchwork Retreat, we kept telling Heather that the sew ezi table would have fitted in the car after all. She had decided not to pack it because she had been told that, with three of us in the car, there would not be enough space.

The car is packed

The car is packed, ready to drive to the Sew Bright Spring Patchwork Retreat. Yes, we could have fitted the Sew Ezi table as well.

We had a fun day driving the 300 kilometres from Melbourne to Bright. Three patchworkers in a car, as you would guess, not much would stop us talking. However we did stop talking long enough to appreciate the wonderful raspberry muffins & coffee at Plunkett Fowles winery & café.

Have you ever seen a better looking Raspberry Muffin?

A detour via Beechworth meant that we could browse the patchwork & speciality shops in this delightful, old tourist town, before having lunch. Then it was a short drive to Bright to pick up the keys to our cottage before calling into Sew Bright to finalise our class registrations.

We had booked a 3 bedroom house over the internet so we were very impressed when we reached the house. The bedspreads even looked like patchwork designs!


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