Making Quick Foundations for Paper Piecing

I enjoy the accuracy I achieve with foundation piecing but I don’t like drawing all the copies a pattern can require. I have experimented with several different methods of reproducing the required patterns and I would like to share one of these techniques.

I use baking paper. Using the original pattern as my guide I cut the required number of pieces  for the particular design I am working on and staple the layers together.


Layered paper stapled together


I remove the thread from the machine and change to a larger needle than I would use for piecing.  A leather needle is ideal and I store it in a labeled package to ensure it is only used for paper foundation templates.


Remove thread from machine


Then, using the original pattern on top I sew along the outer lines  and the sewing lines.


Sew through original pattern on stitching lines


I number each pattern piece exactly like the original and I am ready to begin paper piecing. The threadless needle makes perforations in the baking paper.


Numbered foundations ready to use


Paper piece as normal  using these perforations as your sewing lines.

I find the baking paper is easier to remove after stitching than some of the heavier papers.

I am using Ester Aliu’s 12 Days of Christmas Mystery BOM pattern for my example. You can find this pattern at

4 Responses

  1. Outstanding details you have here. Truth be told, I’ve been trying to find this sort of info for some time. No person has covered it like you have. Could there be more? Of course, but you told me what I needed to know and nobody likes information overload.

  2. […] Eight blocks were required for the Crocus Flower strip. You can create all the blocks for foundation piecing following the directions from our blog Making Quick Foundations for Paper Piecing. […]

  3. Hi Judy

    What a good idea. i would add just one more hint about the machine needle. use a bigger needle than you would normally use for piecing the blocks together, and keep it just for stitching the paper “templates”.

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