Out and About in Perth

Recently,  Melbourne has earned the well known reputation of  having ‘4 seasons  in one day’.  The emphasis on WINTER has been most noticeable by my cold feet! So, when I was offered to tag along on a business trip to Perth with my DH(dear husband), I said, “YES PLEASE!”

I knew I would be on my own during the day and using the city’s public transport system. I enjoy these challenges and I don’t mind being a tourist.

Perth has a wonderful free transit system within the CBD. There are free busses that are colour coded RED, BLUE and YELLOW depending on their routes. I was able to hop on and off as often as I liked.

Another perfect day in Perth

I arrived at the Barrack Street Pier just in time to enjoy the beautiful concert of bells resounding from the Swan Bell Tower. They can be heard all along the water’s edge.

Swan Bell Tower

I soon set my sights on traveling a little further afield and easily found one of Aurifil Thread retailers, Materialise. The bus stop was only 700 metres from the shop and the owner, Sophie, very welcoming and the shop is delightful.

Cute Business card and scrumptious fabric

I adore the cute business card and I will use it to book mark the patchwork ideas for my new stash. I hope I will be able to cut into these delicious souvenirs!!

Yummy Souvenirs from Materialise

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