Tidying the quilting room is therapeutic

Last month was so busy that I pretty well ignored the quilting studio and it got messier and messier as the month progressed.  So it was very satisfying to clean up yesterday.  Patterns were put away, threads were organised and the floor was vacuumed.  

The Always Quilting studio, 401 Waverley Rd, Malvern East, Victoria.


 I also swapped over the display quilts to give the room a fresh new look. They are not new quilts, just newly displayed. It is always  a good idea to ring the changes with your quilts.   

You can extend the life of your quilts by not leaving them displayed in bright light for too long, swap hanging quilts regularly so that the stress of the hanging weight is relieved and re-fold stored quilts every few months so that the fold lines do not become set.   

Many years ago, I was given the following advice about folding quilts: 

  • If the “quilt”  is really an unfinished top, fold it with the seams to the inside. The thinking was that the quilt can always be washed if the front gets marked but the seams can not be repaired if the raw edges fray.
  • If the quilt is finished, it is possible to reduce the crease stress lines by folding the quilt in quarters by folding the corners into the centre rather than the traditional “square”  half & then quarter folding method that we do automatically.

A different way to fold a quilt


  • If  it is very large repeat the folds, then finish by rolling the quilt loosely. Ideally each quilt should then be stored in a fabric bag with a label.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this information it is very valuable as I am just learning all of this stuff.

    • Hi Elaine, it is easy to get everything scattered around when you are planning a new quilt so it is a good idea to step back and put everything away every so often. Years ago, I read a patchwork book that recommended that when you were cleaning up after cutting out a quilt, you should sort the leftover scraps into strip sizes ( 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″ etc). The author said that this simplified the choice of fabrics when you needed to make a small item for a fast gift. I have done this ever since reading the hint, and I found that the hint does work.

      Jenny S

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