Latest Aurifil shipment unpacked and shelved ready and waiting for you.

What a busy few weeeks it has been since I last wrote. The first Aurifil shipment for the new financial year arrived and had us “heads down” unpacking boxes, counting stock and filling shelves. Once that was done we had to start filling back orders to get that thread out of the warehouse and into the shops for you.

It is always fun to have new stock items in a shipment and this one was a special treat, as I had ordered some new Kit Art collections and a the first mini  spool “Designer Collection”. So check out the images below for an instant viewing of these items. (Don’t forget, if you subscribe to the blog you get to see each post promptly)

Sharon Pederson's Cotton Mako' Ne 50 collection, to co-ordinate with the fabrics in "Roses of Remembrance" quilt.

Such glorious colours, in the Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 range. Sharon has called it the quilting collection but do remember that the Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 is also perfect for piecing and applique.

The Rose of Remembrance quilt is made with the gorgeous blocks designed by the 12 winners of the EQ6 Rose of Sharon Block Challenge.  This is the quilt that resulted from a challenge was issued in October 2009 on the Electric Quilt website to design a Rose of Sharon block using only specified shapes (a blossom in 12 sizes, a leaf in 6 sizes, and a circle in 4 sizes – plus 1/4 inch stems) and a lovely fabric palette from Island Batik.  

You can read more about the “Rose of Sharon” competition winners, and see great pictures of the quilt on Sharon Pederson’s Blog

Sharon Pederson's Cotton Mako' Ne 40 collection, selected to go with the fabrics in the "Roses Revisted" quilt.

Another component of the “Rose of Sharon” challenge was to raise awareness and support for the Ami Simms’ Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. Find out more about this innovative initiative to raise awareness & funding for research through art: Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative

The above Kit Art collections are both collections of standard spools so it was extra exciting to see the first collection put together with the mini spools. 

The "Freshly Baked" collection of threads was carefully selected by Kaye England to work with fabrics in the Bread & Butter fabric range

The “Freshly Baked” collection is packaged in an attractive card board box, a handy way to keep these threads together for your next project.

The "Freshly Baked" collection by Kaye England contains 10 x 200m spools of Cotton Mako' Ne 50, chosen to co-ordinate with the Bread & Butter fabric range.

We now have ten gorgeous thread collections in stock, so go to the Always Quilting Online Store to view, and or purchase, any of the Kit Art collections.

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