Are you a member of a patchwork guild?

Many of us are members of internet patchwork & quilting groups, have facebook friend groups who quilt and share experiences with blogs such as this, but do you belong to a real life guild?

Guild members, busy chatting and stitching at the Quilt In

Being a member of a guild allows you to meet, face to face, with people who share your passion for textiles. There are regular meeting days with activities, workshops and show & tell events where you can actually touch the quilt and there are also special days, such as “Quilt Ins” when non members and other guilds are invited to share their love of textiles. 

Hospitality is always a feature of guest days.

Yesterday, I attended a  Quilt In at my local guild (the Australian Quilter’s Association)  as one of the  guest shops. Such days are relaxed, the hospitality is special,  the market area is tempting and the guest speaker is always interesting. It is often challenging to work out ways to take, and display, a good selection of Aurifil threads in a limited space but I do my best to include a little something for everyone on these days.

The Always Quilting "travelling" shop was on hand for people to purchase Aurifil threads, needles & pins and more

The speaker yesterday, Leesa Chandler of Chandler’s Cottage, shared her story of designing, and having produced, a range of fabrics called “Under the Australian Sun” featuring rich colourful Australian floral images.

Leesa Chandler, guest speaker at the AQA Quilt In

It was fascinating to listen to her tell of how she learnt to draw so that she could create the designs, then approaching Robert Kaufmann Fabrics  to propose these designs for a new fabric range,  the excitment of having them accepted and the hard work involved in turning the designs from pencil drawings to the gorgeous fabrics that are now available around the world.  If you can’t find these fabrics in your local patchwork shop visit Chandler’s Cottage.

Just one of the beautiful designs in the "Under the Australian Sun" fabric range

Like everyone else at the Quilt In, I made sure I did not come home empty handed. 

The guild was selling hundreds of donated magazines, with the money going towards the gift quilt program. Some of the magazines in my selection still had the previous owners sticky note markers in place. Fascinating to see what had caught her attention.

I indulged in some retail therapy at the other traders stands, treating myself to some fabrics, a bag pattern and a selection of second hand magazines.

Leesa also designs beautiful patterns. I purchased the pattern for this bag, made up here in fabrics from "Under the Australian Sun"

You don’t have to be an expert to join a guild, all skill levels are welcome, all you need is an enthusiasm for textiles, a willingness to learn and share your time with other members.  If you are not a member of a face to face guild, make some inquiries at your local patchwork shop or look for a list in your favourite magazine.

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  1. You’re so right about belonging to real life groups. I belong to a local quilting group and a local craft group. More importantly for quilting I belong to the Quilters’ Guild. There are national and regional meetings, a quarterly magazine, specialist groups, workshops, exhibitions and the QG have a museum in York which is fabulous. Do have a peek at their website when you’ve a moment. It’s

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