Finally Finished!

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. The BIG “O” birthday party was only 3 days away and I was ready to quilt. This was one of the biggest quilts I had attempted to quilt since taking a machine quilting class with the wonderful Kim Bradley. I made a sketch of the finished quilt block in order to audition several possible continuous quilting designs. Kim gave me the confidence to know “if you can draw it, you can quilt it”.

Patchwork unit used for quilting design

The quilt top looked  ‘busy’ so I decided to use the Aurifil 50wt thread for quilting. I usually use the Aurifil 28wt because the slightly heavier weight can give the quilting more depth and dimension . However, with all these animal prints on show, the Aurifil 50wt would give me the fine, subtle quilting lines I wanted.

Aurifil’s beautiful black thread in the fine 50wt.

I decided on an “S” shaped quilting design that could be echoed and easily travel from unit to unit in a continuous line which meant fewer starts and stops. Using 50wt on the bobbin also meant fewer stops for bobbin refilling. My bobbin holds heaps of this fine thread!

Fewer refills with Aurifil 50wt on the bobbin

Continuous “S” quilting

The quilting was a breeze and it was time for the binding. I cut a 2 inch binding and after folding the right sides together I attached my walking foot to ensure all the layers fed evenly along the edge.

Sewing on the binding with a walking foot

I like to mitre the corners of by binding as it gives a nice, crisp finish.

Stop stitching 1/4 inch from corner

Fold binding back at 45deg. angle

Bring binding back along edge of quilt keeping fold intact.

Mitred corner created

Continue sewing binding to quilt catching fold at corner

Mitre each corner for a nice finish.

Always remember to add a label to your quilts. I printed a special message and used a light box to carefully trace the lettering with a permanent, fine tipped pigma pen.

A special label for a very special friend

Until next time……..Happy Stitching with Aurifil

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  1. Looks wonderful what a good job you did and I love the fabrics, what a lucky friend.

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