Sewing a Straight Seam…..

Sewing a straight seam was one of the first things I learned to do when I first sat in front of a sewing machine many decades ago.

I began sewing my jelly roll strips together with the setting strip and realized if my mind wandered, so did my needle.

Mental note to self….remember this when driving the car!.

I found instrumental music helpful for my concentration. I tried playing some of my favourite pop music whilst sewing and the more I sang along, the more my sewing suffered.

Again, Mental note to self…..remember this when driving the car!

Most of my recent sewing has been hand stitching or small units pieced on the machine.

This exercise, of long seams the width of a bolt of fabric, was something I had to get used to and by the end of this quilt I will be an expert.

Sewing long straight seams

Once these long units were pressed, I cut them into smaller units. I was hoping I had cut a good variety of fabrics and sewn them in different cominations to add interest to the quilt.

Cutting the strips into units

I played with these units for hours. Once I decided on pleasing combinations I had to re-press the seams, in some cases, so they would face in opposite directions making  seam matching so much easier when stitching.

Organizing units into different combinations

When these are finished I will place them on the design wall….

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