I found more Cotton Mako’ at AQC

Don’t you think that the exhibition centre is such an appropriate venue for a craft exhibition?

Melbourne Exhibition centre, Carlton Gardens

The building was designed in the 1880’s for the World Exposition, it was then the home for Australia’s  parliament for several years after Federation, before Canberra was selected as the site for our national capital. The current renovation is relatively recent, and it is well worth taking a break from the patchwork shops to look up to the ceiling.

The cotton Mako' Ne 40 thread display at the Floriani/ Know How Sewing Essential stand at AQC. I love the quilt in background too!

Once again I had time for quick whirl around the market hall before my seminar presentation so I had a chat to Hans and the staff on the Floriani/ Know How Sewing Essential stand. They are now the Australian representatives for Nolting quilting machines and, as they have also recently become an Aurifil retail outlet, it is the place to find an extensive collection of Cotton Mako’ Ne 40 threads.

I am looking forward to Saturday & Sunday when I will be free during the day to spend some time looking at the quilt exhibitions. I might even have a chance to sit in on a couple of other seminars before my Aurifil presentation.

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