Thread Glorious Thread!

What a busy, and varied, week it has been.  The latest Aurifil thread shipment arrived, so once again we have been up to our elbows in boxes as we unpacked, counted and shelved the threads.

This week will be spent filling back orders and organising threads for the Australasian Quilt Convention (29 April – 2 May)  for the retail stockists.  I will be sure to post a list of shops and stand Numbers, once I have them collated, so that you will know where you can obtain your threads.

The highlight of the unpacking was to see the latest Cotton Mako’  KitArt box in “the flesh”. These glorious colours have been personally selected by Sarah Vedler for her Silk Hearts embroidery designs. You can obtain her patterns directly from her via her website (see the link in our favourite list), but even without the patterns the colours are lust worthy.

Glorious colours in Cotton Mako' Ne 50, selected by Sarah for embroidering her Silk Heart designs.

Sarah also says:Cotton Mako: my favourite thread for embroidery and quilting, creating gorgeous results every time!”

A sentiment with which I whole heartedly agree.

In between the unpacking, we worked on some samples for my talk at the Quilt Convention. I was also the guest speaker at the Patchworkers  & Quilters Guild of Victoria monthly meeting and I went to a wedding where many of the guests were dressed in the most beautiful silk sari’s.

So all told a week of swirling textile colour,  I wonder what next week will bring.

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