The Design Inspiration Folder

Do you have a design inspiration folder? 

I do. I keep a folder of photos of  images & colours that appeal to me for future reference. I may never use the actual image but some times it might just be the stimulus that I have been seeking for a quilting design or patchwork block.

I added a couple of new images to the folder last week after my flying trip to Western Australia.

This was one of many displays of butterflies in the natural history section of the Museum.

Aren't these butterflies just amazing. It makes you wonder why we don't see as many colourful butterflies in the garden these days.

I probably wouldn't create a "butterfly" quilt but the layout of colours could be interesting

The other thing that caught my eye on this trip was the detail in the wrought iron balcony on this country hotel.  Old hotels like this can be found in country towns all over Australia and they all have names like the “Palace”, “Railway” and “Rising Sun”.  They are part of our history, and it is wonderful to find an example that has been well preserved.

A "turn of the century" (20th century that is) country hotel

A closer view of the wrought iron design. Great quilting inspiration!

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